How you can help  
Children are fast learners and they look up to parents for everything. We would like to emphasis on the following points which help the parents communicate and relate better in the child's growing years:
Education becomes an enriching experience when
it starts early -
Words, sounds, storybooks, songs and nursery rhymes - these are the building blocks of literacy
Read together everyday
Encourage your child to sit close to you, let him feel your love
Talk about pictures in the book, make up your own stories
Reading together with your child not only brings them closer to you, but also makes them fall in love with books
Ask questions and pay attention to your child's
responses while -
Looking at pictures Talking about their friends
Reading stories On a walk
Talking about their school At the store
When you are disciplined, you are helping your child understand what the world expects of her / him -
Praise good behaviour
Be a role model, be consistent, be patient
Set clear expectations
Ignore small incidents and accidents
Give your child the opportunity to correct misbehaviour by warning or offering a second chance
Use non-verbal communication
Childcare check-list for parents
Treat your child with respect, accept their feelings and differences
Talk to them in a way that he / she understands
Use appropriate limit-setting
Help your child to learn how to take care of themselves
Create a daily plan of activities
Read bedtime stories or have a quiet chat
Talk to them about their day, your day and things for them to look forward to in the morning
Provide age-appropriate toys and activities
Be patient
Accept your child's differences and feelings
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